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3 different services:

At La Bowtique, you can either choose from our Ready to Tie line, you can create your own bow tie in the Unique Bowtique picking from dozens of fabrics and 7 different shapes or you can tell us about your specific expectations for you bow ties at the Bespoke Bowtique.

Ready to Tie

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The Ready to Tie line from La Bowtique offers you handmade bow ties made of the finest Italian silks from the Como region. We have chosen the shapes that we feel best suit each fabric and design


All the bow ties come in limited editions, so grab your favourite before we run out of our splendid silks.


If you wish to have more choice of fabrics and shapes, please visit the Unique Bowtique.

Unique Bowtique

Unique Bowtique Concept

You can create your own bow tie, choosing one of our seven different shapes from our dozens of fabrics. This is our Unique Bowtique range.

  1. First, you choose your fabric - a bright orange natte weave, an ice blue striped satin, a discreet taupe and duck spots - this is YOUR choice. Please note that all our fabrics come in very limited lengths, so grab your favourite before it runs out as there will be no repeat runs
  2. Second, you choose your shape - a 7cms wide diamond point, a 6cms batwing, or perhaps a classic 6cms butterfly shape – again, this is YOUR choice. Please see our guide to choosing the right shape according to your face features, not all the shapes fit all the faces..
  3. Next, we make your bow tie at our atelier in France -dedicating the time it needs to be made, we pay great attention to details such as matching the patterns on either side of the bow tie, getting the patterns at the right place so that it look its best when tied, making the edges clear and make them stand out prominently just a little, by soft-ironing to prevent any inner-ridge appearing around the edge of the tie (that so often happens these days with over-ironed bows), and then - the final touch - sewing in the tie’s individual number: because every one of our bow ties is unique we number them all, so it also becomes unique to you too.
    Timelines are difficult to quote here, as each tie is different, but you will be given a time for construction and a delivery target. Note: if you have any deadline for when you need your tie please let us know at the start when you order. 
  4. Finally, delivery of your bow tie to your home – for you to tie and enjoy something that is especially made for YOU.

Bespoke Bowtique

Bespoke Bowtique concept

Alternatively, you can try our Bespoke Bowtique option. In consultation with us, you can choose and create your own designs, shapes and styles from our own exclusive range of silks. These ties are made in one piece of silk (no adjusters), to your specific collar size and to balance with the dimensions of your face. Be as creative and innovative as you like. Here are the features we offer:
  • Width and length of your bow tie.
  • Shape, we are happy to work on new shapes if you are looking for something out of the ordinary.
  • Width of the middle part.
  • Fabric, you can either choose amongst our Italian silks or you can send your own fabric to our atelier in France.
  • Do you have a specific silk in mind? We can source it from the silk mills we work with.
  • Interlining, do you prefer rather flat bow ties or puffy ones? We adapt the interlining according to your expectations.
  • Do you prefer a single-piece bow tie or hooks and slides?
The only limit is your imagination, so let us know about what you want.

Because we care about our customers, let us know what you think about our bow ties through the contact page
, and why not have a picture taken and sent to us?