Fabric Library


Over the past decade, we have built up an enviable reputation as suppliers of the finest quality bow ties for formal events. But that doesn’t begin to cover the breadth of work we undertake on behalf of our customers.

Here, at our workshop in East London, our sewing machines and work benches sit ensconced in a vast archive of vintage and end-of-line cloth that we have collected and catalogued over the past ten years. From venerable Macclesfield silks, to exotic velvet weaves from long defunct makers in Belgium & France to one-offs rolls from the shores of Lake Como.

Discover some of our archive fabrics below, available for bespoke orders.
Please reach us on contact@labowtique.com with the fabric reference and shape you would like for your new bespoke commission.


Perhaps the most iconic pattern for bow ties, thanks to its association with noted clotheshorse and British statesman Sir Winston Churchill. If you are looking for everything from discretely charming navy pindots to large scale polkas in unexpected hues one might see on David Hockney, we have you covered.

Bow ties for scale


We have a special fondness for both the formality of an “old school” or military repps and joyous regatta stripes just right for a garden party. All available in a host of colours and finishes.

Bow ties for scale


Inspired by everything from art nouveau marquetry, through the lozenges and sleek lines of Art Deco to Atomic Age abstraction, we always have an array of one-of-a-kind bolts on hand.

Bow ties for scale


A specially selected curation of punchy bold florals and elegant paisleys & diamonds for your consideration.

Bow ties for scale


We have the Roman road-builders to thank for the broken twill weave of the Herringbone, a pattern as handsome and practical as it was millennia ago.

Bow ties for scale


One of the richest and most alluring of cloths for neckwear, velvet’s deep sheen and tactile nature makes it a perennial winner. Available from us in an exhaustive slew of solids and rarely seen stripes.

Bow ties for scale


The flax plant yields a wonderfully rich fibre which has been prized since time immemorial for its sartorial qualities. A warm weather staple.


The trademark puckering of Seersucker is created by differing tensions in the weave of the warp and weft, giving the cloth its exotic name form the Persian for “milk and sugar”.


The light gauzy texture of Jacquard woven Grenadine owes its origin to the silk weavers of Northern Italy, where it provided the perfect basis for French lace and curtains and will forever be immortalised in menswear as James Bond’s tie cloth of choice.


No cloth sums up the Great British outdoors quite like Tweed. It’s rugged character has all the colours of the countryside in its rich, detailed hardwearing nature.


While colour and pattern take care of most of a man’s choices when it comes to outfit selection, the triumvirate is not complete without texture. Hazy knits, birdseyes and water silks complete any ensemble off to a tee.