Met Gala 2024 red carpet review

I was in between two minds about reviewing the Met Gala 2024 looks as it is not a black tie event, more of a fashion one, but when I looked in depth, I thought there might be some relevant things to point out. 

I’ll start with the outfits that have more of a black tie aesthetic and then more on the more fashionable ones. 

Steven Yeun

Clearly a black tie inspired look with the full black look, edge tape on the lapels and bow tie. I always find it very confusing when someone wears an outfit that’s not quite formal enough and not quite fashionable enough and this is exactly what Steve did. Wearing a 3-piece suit clearly taking inspiration from a dinner suit, while wearing some kind of combat boots and massive turn ups? Big no. If you’re going for a look, commit fully to make sure your audience understands your outfit. 

Jonathan Groff

Another black tie inspired outfit, a full black suit with patent boots and a white shirt. We saw embellishments/embroideries done on dinner suit in the past months and it can work, on the right outfit and person (see Donald Glover at the Emmys). These embellishments looks a bit too shy and not particularly well placed. The jacket itself is incredibly short, making him look much wider than he actually is. I don’t mention the lack of neckwear as we all know how I feel about that. 

Will Welch

Will wear a two piece velvet suit in a very 80s looking cut, that louche slouchy silhouette Armani was so well known for. Does it work? Yes. Does it feel too casual? I think so. Does he look cool? Definitely. Do we stand for a full velvet look? YES. 

Mike Faist

Mike decided to wear a black jacket with white trousers, a white shirt, a black bow tie and black shoes. I find the black jacket/white trousers look extremely hard to pull off, near impossible. If choosing to wear white trousers, I feel you are better off wearing something a bit more colourful on top, like a burgundy or a rich blue, as it was sometimes done on cruises. I find the turnip (or giant radish?!) very distracting but hey, maybe it fits with the theme. One thing I can’t take my eyes off are these clown shoes, which were awfully present that evening. Remember to choose your footwear carefully! 

Adam Mosseri 

Second full velvet look of the night, Adam is wearing what seems like a black velvet suit. Not a bad choice in itself, you all know how much we like velvet for parties! I find the shirt collar and cuffs very distracting and not coordinated with the rest of the look, it almost feels like the design should have been pushed a bit more extreme to actually work, or toned down. The bow tie (ribbon) looks a bit flimsy in comparison to the velvet suit and the inner accessorising. All in all, the balance of this outfit is completely off. 

Nicholas Galitizine

Can someone please find me the details of his stylish? Why oh why would you ruin this outfit by putting a tie on? WHY? Who can genuinely look at this and think this is the right choice to make? His dinner suit looks really cool with interesting lapels, bootcut trousers and subtle black on black embroidery, statement boots.. But that tie, I can’t get over it. This is NEVER a good choice with a dinner suit. 

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