The Oscars 2024 Red Carpet Review

Welcome to the 2024 Oscars outfits review. Better late than never, but we’ve done an in-depth red carpet review looking at what the stars wore for black tie at the Oscars. 

I have to say, I was genuinely surprised about how smart most of the men wearing black tie were, a lot better than some of the previous ceremonies this year. 

This edition we saw far less creative black tie outfits, which most of the time are not really well done. Traditional black tie was strongly present, as the full review will show. 

Cillian Murphy 
In the previous ceremonies, Cillian did not wear bow ties and I’m glad he finally read my reviews and decided to wear one that evening. Probably controversial for many, he wore what looks like a double breasted (I can’t actually tell 100%) black dinner suit, unbuttoned, with a cummerbund. Although I would never recommend wearing a double breasted dinner suit opened, Cillian wears it with extreme confidence, embracing his casual side. He’s also wearing a white pleated shirt, a cummerbund, a louchely tied diamond bow tie, black patent boots and a stunning brooch. It all works, despite the unbuttoned double breasted jacket! 

Martin Scorcese
Martin was incredibly smart at the Oscars ceremony, wearing a traditional black dinner suit with a white shirt, a lovely self tied bow tie (a batwing shape from Charvet perhaps?), black Oxfords and a genuine smile. Simple but accurate! The proportions are right, the amount of shirt cuff is just right. I wish he would have worn white pocket square and a cummerbund to cover the white shirt showing between the trousers and the jacket quarters, apart from that, excellent job! 

Ben Kingsley 
Back to the classics once again, Ben is showing us how to wear a double breasted dinner suit perfectly. The fit is on point, complementing his silhouette, the white shirt with black studs is immaculate, the black patent Oxfords perfect, the addition of the brooch is a great touch and his self tied bow tie is well executed. There really isn’t much more to say, he deserves an Oscar for his outfit only! 

Jesse Plemons 
Another amazing traditional outfit, Jesse is wearing a minimalist dinner suit: not overly designed and of traditional proportions with a white concealed button dinner shirt. Add a self tied bow tie with a bit more volume, a white pocket square to balance the block black outfit and a tiny bit less shirt cuff showing and you have the perfect traditional dinner suit. Both of their outfits complement each other’s extremely well, being so understated and elegant. 

Nicholas Cage 
Very similar to Jesse above, Nicholas wears a traditional dinner suit, this time with a white pleated shirt and a self tie bow tie. A well fitting suit that would have benefited from having a white pocket square to make the whole outfit a bit lighter. Also a more formal choice of footwear would have been ideal. 

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